Scale with AI

Upcoming course: September 2023

Calling all content writers and social media managers: 

I’m building a live, 3 week cohort-based course for content specialists and social media managers on how to use generative AI to scale their content planning and creation.

Learn about:

  • What is generative AI
  • What it means for us as communications professionals
  • The potential of generative AI to 10x your output
  • The best tools to start with
  • How to formulate a prompt that delivers the best outcome
  • 10x your output
  • Where our industry is heading

I’ve been working in communications for over 15 years, in both an agency and at an organisation and have been using AI tools to make my outputs better and faster, with great results.

As communications professionals, generative AI will not take away our jobs, people who know how to use it, will. I’d love to share with you everything I’m learning and how to apply it to your daily work.

This course is launching in September. Register your interest here to be notified when enrollment is open, and get 25% off the course fee. There will be a facility to get the course fee reimbursed by your employer.