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Written By Abha Malpani Naismith

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One of the reasons I started this website was to share resources with my peers that cut through the noise and overwhelm of AI news and tools, and present filtered information which enables action.

So when I get approached by entrepreneurs who are building platforms specifically for a certain audience, to facilitate them to work better and smarter, I get pretty excited to see what they have to offer.

Recently I was approached by Caoimhe Donnelly, co-founder and CEO of Legitimate, an all-in-one tool for journalists that includes an AI assistant.

Legitimate provides a platform for journalists to do all their brainstorming, writing, editing and networking in one place. The platform can be used to generate transcripts, and centralize all work, processes and files into one platform. You can also build your blog and your newsletter on the same platform.

“We called it Legitimate because at the beginning we were focusing on putting identity behind content and showing that it was coming from a real person. We’ve pivoted since then due to the demand for tools built specifically for journalists,” explains Caoimhe.

There are over 3800 journalists on the platform to date, and enhancements are being made on an ongoing basis.

The platform also has an inbuilt AI assistant that helps accelerate the writing process, saving a lot of time.

“Our AI assistant offers our users a suite of AI driven tools that help streamline the creative writing process. Our tool uses a number of LLMs as well as our own proprietary models to power it,” says Caoimhe.

“Our vision is that it will enhance and not replace journalism. Our AI has an ethical and easy to use application for journalists and newsrooms. It does not create your articles for you, but it will optimize efficiencies and reduce time wasted on monotonous tasks, leading to more time for quality journalism.”

This is what Legitimate’s AI tool can do for journalists who use the platform:

Speech to text transcription: Generate transcripts quickly, allow for search, note-taking, and downloading, and supports most file formats.

Provides estimated reading time per article: The AI tool gives you an automated estimated time to read your article.

Readability score: Analyzes your article against the Flesh Kinkaid grade score.

Alternative titles: Offers alternative headlines for your article that can help with click through rate.

Automatic metadata: The AI tool will automatically generate the articles hashtags and meta tags required for the online story and for use in social media.

Article review and feedback: The tool will review your draft articles and provide feedback and advice from a journalistic standpoint.

Article outline: The tool is trained on how the best articles are structured and can draw up a good outline, based on your brief.

References and statistics: The tool will find you references or statistics to help you get on top of a topic in seconds.

The tool also allows you to analyse the impact of published stories, find more work, register for events and connect with other journalists. In case you want to integrate your writing portfolio within the tool that is easily sharable, Legitimate can do that too.

They offer a free core product which includes transcription, analytics, portfolio and secure messaging. Their full AI product is part of a paid plan which is available as low as $30 / month.

So much of their platform can be used for free, so well worth a play around if you are a journalist looking to transition all your work in one place and integrate the use of AI.

Check it out here: https://legitimate.net/

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