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Written By Abha Malpani Naismith

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We all know that AI has already completely revolutionized how we all create content. But honestly, as I’ve said before, I don’t think ChatGPT is good at long-form content.

As a communications and PR professional looking to improve my output, I recently discovered the tool Content At Scale (CaS). As the name suggests, the tool helps you create content at scale; they definitely scored the best domain for their business!

I found this tool through Julia McCoy, a content hacker and now the President of Content At Scale (CaS). After conducting extensive research on the tool, I was amazed by its capabilities, particularly for PR, communications, and content marketing agencies. The tool’s mission is to help you scale your long-form content marketing services.

If you work in an agency or the communications department of a company, this tool is likely to address all your content needs.Here are some reasons why I think Content at Scale is a unique tool, worth trying:

It is built by a content marketer:The challenge with most AI writing tools is that they are built by developers. However, this tool is founded by Justin McGill someone with 15 years of content marketing experience, and its president is Julia McCoy, also a content specialist.

It’s sole focus is on publishing long-form content, like a writer – not a writing assistant:The tool can write a 2500 word article in 1 minute. CaS claims to be the only such tool in the market that can achieve that, with quality and search engine optimised. It prides itself on being an AI writer, not just an AI assistant.

Uses NLP and custom processes for unique content creation: Most AI writing tools rely on one AI engine, meaning their AI writer is a thinly-veiled version of either GPT-2 or GPT-3. Built with a mix of three different AI engines, NLP and semantic analysis algorithms, CaS has its own custom process that allows its AI to deeply learn about a topic and be able to produce unique content.

Fully optimized for search: When you use CaS for your long-form article, it will be based on informational keywords that you can bulk upload, not only ensuring on-topic quality writing but also optimized for search engines.We all know that AI is a powerful machine that is only as good as its driver. Content at Scale has a developed a great model to help generate Artificial Intelligence Optimised (AIO) content. Learn more about AIO here.

Passes AI detection tests:If you put an article generated by CaS in an AI detection tool such as, CaS content claims 99% human and ZERO plagiarism.

It’s more expensive, but it’s doing more work for you:CaS is pricier than most AI writing tools, which is why it’s probably more suited for a small agency, depending on your workload. If you have a large workload, estimated cost per article using CaS is at $65 which much cheaper than any kind of outsourcing. Unlike other tools, you can consider that CaS pricing include a AI freelance writer, SEO tools, AI customization (headlines), social and authority-building elements for each article.

My take: As a freelancer, I pay for Jasper and love it. It was amongst the first tools in the market and for what it offers, it’s really awesome. Once I can budget for CaS, I’m likely to add it to my tool kit, as most my work is long-form.

For your reference: Here is a great comparison between Jasper and CaS.

If this tool interests you, you can check it out here. If you use my link, you will get 20% more post credits for free on any plan you purchase, a deal you won’t find outside this link.

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