Benefits of AI tools for communications professionals

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Written By Abha Malpani Naismith

Communications strategy. Digital specialist. Brand journalist. Writer. AI enthusiast.

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We are in the so-called ‘exponential age’ where technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate. As Raul Pal of Real Vision puts it, artificial intelligence is “an accelerator that is beyond comprehension.” Chat GPT 4 went from 0-100 million users in 2 months.

In attempt to narrow the scope here a bit, it is now common knowledge that generative AI tools are revolutionizing content creation and communication industries.

The only way we can try to keep up is by using and experimenting with the new technology.

For content creators, writers, journalists, and communications professionals, here are some of the benefits generative AI brings us:

  1. Enhanced productivity: AI tools can quickly generate content, reducing the time spent on drafting and editing. This allows us to focus on more strategic tasks or create more content within a given timeframe.
  2. Improved content quality: AI-generated content can be highly relevant, coherent, and grammatically accurate, resulting in high-quality output which is better first cut than you would have been able to generate and that too done in seconds. AI tools can also provide suggestions to improve your existing content. Of course they need your eye for fact checking and quality control, but you will be amazed at how much it does.
  3. Idea generation and brainstorming: Generative AI tools can offer creative ideas or new angles for stories, helping us overcome writer’s block and uncover fresh perspectives, without having a team around to brainstorm with! I personally love brainstorming sessions, but let’s be honest, they take a good amount of time; it’s great to have another option!
  4. Automated content optimization: AI tools can analyze the performance of your content and offer suggestions for improvement based on SEO, readability, or audience engagement. This is a game changer in my opinion.
  5. Content curation: AI tools can help identify and gather relevant content from various sources, enabling you to stay updated with the latest news and trends in their industry.
  6. Adaptability: AI tools can learn from user feedback and improve their content generation capabilities over time, enabling us to benefit from the latest advancements in AI research.
  7. Cost-effectiveness: By automating various content creation tasks, AI tools can save us so much time and resources, allowing us to achieve more with less.

The abilities of generative AI are only going to increase and dramatically. The pace at which things are developing, we may not ever be able to get our heads around it all, but we have to at least try.

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