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Written By Abha Malpani Naismith

Communications strategy. Digital specialist. Brand journalist. Writer. AI enthusiast.

Experimenting with AI tools is the only way to know if they are good, and if they work for you. They should make your work easier, and faster.

The biggest challenge I face is deciding which tool to try. I’m overcoming this by shortlisting them based on the many people I follow who are doing the large scale trials for us! If I see that more than three people I follow or in my network are recommending the tool, I bookmark it to try.

I also prioritize trying tools that are free to use. I need to stop spending money on more tools, at least for the moment!

Engage AI is one such tool that checks all the boxes. It’s been made to 10x your engagement on Linkedin by assisting you write the first draft of your engagement to any post.

Here are some reasons I’m enjoying using Engage AI:

Cost: It’s free to use!

Open AI: It uses Chat GPT

Installation: It’s an easy sign up with your email address. Then it’s a chrome extension that opens within your Linkedin account.

Super easy to use: When you pick the post you want to engage with, all you have to do is click on the Engage AI icon, choose the attribute of the answer you want to give (congratulate, disagree, funny, friendly etc) and it will read the post and draft a first response for you.

Intelligent first draft: The first draft of the answer is average, needs editing and a touch specific to you, but it’s really not a bad start and takes away a large chunk of the time needed to thoughtfully post a comment. This really reduces your hesitation to respond, and since you can do it quickly, it encourages you to post more.

Build relationships faster: Especially if you are in a community management or sales role, with Engage AI as your comment writing assistant, you’ll save a heap of time while you focus on increasing the number of targeted engagements. It truly helps you effortlessly write insightful comments that break the ice on Linkedin, helping you build more relationships faster to increase your potential engagements and therefore conversions.

I recommend this tool for:

  • Personal use: To increase your engagement on Linkedin so you can increase your visibility and therefore your influence.
  • Social media community managers: To increase the number of people you engage with on your brand page, and reduce the time to construct well-written insightful answers that represent your brand as you can specify to it your brand’s tone of voice.
  • Sales professionals: You can sync your contacts between CRM and Engage AI. It will give you email alerts about prospect posting activities for 50 monitored leads.

If you upgrade to paid, you can store and retrieve past comments, summarize relevant commented posts, and reference past comments in most recent post for context.

Check out the tool Engage AI here.

Have any of you used it? What do you think?

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