AI as a creative copilot for writers

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Written By Abha Malpani Naismith

Communications strategy. Digital specialist. Brand journalist. Writer. AI enthusiast.

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I truly believe that generative AI tools will complement our work as writers, journalists and content creators.

What the best AI tools can do today is mediocre content, fast. We need to learn to use it in ways that complement our work, or our skills will be lost in a sea of mediocrity.

How can AI help us do our work faster, without compromising its quality? Can it help us do our research or first drafts? Can it edit for us? Can it help in ideation and brainstorming?

“AI is not here to replace writers, but to be their copilot towards greater heights of creativity,” says Chad Thiele, founder of Chibi AI in an interview on Ness Labs. He built this tool to support writers and he differentiates it from other tools as it claims to “… focus on our writers.”

I do believe that with AI tools, some jobs will be lost, some will be gained and some will be changed; our jobs as content providers will change. I write more about the impact of generative AI / ChatGPT on jobs, here.

And of course, some of our mundane work will be automated, bringing into question the value of having experienced writers on board.

My brother runs a start-up and he already feels like he no longer needs a writer on board for his content. He plans train one of his admin staff to write good prompts, and he can get the content he wants.

Chad’s take on this is:

“It’s a valid worry for copywriters, especially with companies out there willing to create AI tools promising to deliver entire works “in a click.” This will lead to an overcompensation in the market where low-cost content will be relegated to AI (or to a VA using AI to generate lots of mediocre content). But as this sort of content starts to fail, the need for great writers will surface.”

AI is to writers what a block of clay is for sculptors

This is a pretty good analogy by Chad:

“With AI’s help, writers can quickly generate a first draft. You could think of this quick draft like a sculptor’s block of clay, waiting to be shaped and molded by the writer’s chisel. But just as a sculptor’s true artistry comes from the intricate details and unique flourishes they add to their work, so too does a writer’s imagination and creativity.”

Yay or nay?

Featured tool: Chibi AI

You can play with Chibi here. On sign up, you get 10,000 tokens to use free and can join the community for support and guidance on maximizing the use of the app.

I have just signed up for it, but haven’t used it yet. With so many tools out there, you need to spend some tome playing around with what works for you, and then use it as you see best.

Also, I cannot find much information on its founder Chad. He also has a common name, so there are many of him out there! I like to know a bit more about the developer and his background before I use tools; however if he is featured on Ness Labs, you cannot doubt his credibility.

And, incase you were wondering, chibi is the Japanese slang term for short or little, and implies cuteness. I’m guessing the founder has a connection to Japan 🙂

Happy experimenting!

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